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Can you name the answers to these tough King of Queens trivia questions?

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What is Arthur's half brother's name?
In the episode 'Mentalo Case' what does Carrie get Doug for Christmas?
In the episode 'Slippery Slope' why do Danny & Spence get married?
In the episode 'Holy Mackeral' what is one of the songs Doug plays on his belly?
What is the name of Doug's dog he had as a kid?
In the episode 'Cologne Ranger' what type of cologne does Carrie prefer Doug wear?
Before the ending montage, what is the last line of the series?
When Doug signs up to be a Big Brother in the episode 'Big Dougie' what is the name of the little brother he gets?
In the episode 'No Orleans' what does Marsha refer to her cats as?
In the episode 'Raygin Bulls' name one of the two code words Doug & Ray use in the night club?
What is the name of Spence's dog?

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