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Former owner of the Texas Ranger
Approved assassination attempts against a former Baltimore Orioles Prospect
Owned dogs named Him and Her
Has a poem about him
Former Governor of New York
Tried to enlist to fight in WWI
First president to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at a baseball game left handed
Had black ancestry
Had a dog named Checkers
His brother had a beer named after him
Started a highly controversial war
Born William Jefferson Blythe
Often rode his horse side saddle into battle
Served in Congress succeeding his Presidency
First president to attend a major league baseball game
Carried a pair of pistols while presiding over the Senate while he was Vice President
People still write letters addressed to his wife
His wife never saw the White House
First President to have indoor plumbing in the White House
The last president to fight during the Civil War
First president to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at a baseball game
His dog wrote his memior
Friends with John Arbuckle
On a paper bill and a coin
Won presidency by one electoral vote after the Florida elections were disputed
Had many cities named after him
His top General later ran against him
Owned a dog that shared his initials
Star collegiate athlete

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