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The last president to fight during the Civil War
Often rode his horse side saddle into battle
His brother had a beer named after him
Won presidency by one electoral vote after the Florida elections were disputed
Started a highly controversial war
His wife never saw the White House
Had black ancestry
Former owner of the Texas Ranger
Tried to enlist to fight in WWI
Owned a dog that shared his initials
Had many cities named after him
Has a poem about him
People still write letters addressed to his wife
First president to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at a baseball game left handed
Former Governor of New York
Carried a pair of pistols while presiding over the Senate while he was Vice President
Star collegiate athlete
First President to have indoor plumbing in the White House
Had a dog named Checkers
His dog wrote his memior
First president to attend a major league baseball game
His top General later ran against him
First president to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at a baseball game
Owned dogs named Him and Her
Friends with John Arbuckle
On a paper bill and a coin
Served in Congress succeeding his Presidency
Born William Jefferson Blythe
Approved assassination attempts against a former Baltimore Orioles Prospect

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