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A sweet pepper of a variety grown in Spain, often sold roasted and preserved in oil.
the characterization of an area based on statistics such as the average age or income of its inhabitants, used esp. for marketing purposes
A long and light vehicle with transverse seats looking forward; a motor coach.
A drive-in cinema.
The meaningless repetition of words and phrases, esp. as a sign of schizophrenia; repetition of speech by a child learning to talk.
a word of two or more syllables.
A method of training for middle- and long-distance running, in which the athlete runs over country, mixing fast with slow work.
A foodstuff made from pounded hickory nuts
An apron, esp. a large coarse one.
A lazy or worthless person.
A werewolf.
A great-great-grandfather.
failure to perform an act required by law
Fashionably elegant; high-class.
Farthest in the rear, last in a line of ships.

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