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A drive-in cinema.
Farthest in the rear, last in a line of ships.
the characterization of an area based on statistics such as the average age or income of its inhabitants, used esp. for marketing purposes
A great-great-grandfather.
A lazy or worthless person.
A foodstuff made from pounded hickory nuts
A long and light vehicle with transverse seats looking forward; a motor coach.
An apron, esp. a large coarse one.
failure to perform an act required by law
A werewolf.
Fashionably elegant; high-class.
A sweet pepper of a variety grown in Spain, often sold roasted and preserved in oil.
A method of training for middle- and long-distance running, in which the athlete runs over country, mixing fast with slow work.
a word of two or more syllables.
The meaningless repetition of words and phrases, esp. as a sign of schizophrenia; repetition of speech by a child learning to talk.

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