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Can you name the Starcraft unit that says each of these quotes?

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How to Play Forced Order
'Checklist completed. ...S.O.B.'Terran - Ground
'You tryin' to get invited to my next barbecue?'Terran - Ground
'I'm locked in here tighter than a frog's butt in a watermelon seed fight.'Terran - Ground
'I'm just curious, why am I so good?'Terran - Air
'E equals MC... D'oh, let me get my notepad.'Terran - Air
'And now for your first lesson. Mmhahahaha'Protoss - Air
'I REALLY have to go. ...number one.'Terran - Air
'Drop your weapon, you have 15 seconds to comply.'Protoss - Ground
'I don't have time to f**k around!'Terran - Ground
'To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you.'Terran - Air
'What IS your major malfunction?'Terran - Ground
'Keep it up. I dare ya.'Terran - Ground
'He's dead, Jim.'Terran - Ground
'Look at all these pretty lights!'Protoss - Air
'Hey! You there...'Zerg - Ground
'What's your name?'Protoss - Ground
'Your taunts are ill-advised, Templar.'Protoss - Ground
'Darkness overpowering...'Protoss - Ground
'Signal unstable...'Protoss - Air
'Blucher!'Terran - Air
'Your thoughts betray you.'Protoss - Ground
'I am zerg!'Zerg - Ground
'All for the empire!'Protoss - Ground
'They should have sent a poet.'Protoss - Ground
'I vote we frag this commander.'Terran - Ground
'This is not an idle threat!'Protoss - Air

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