Diablo 2 - Necromancer Skills with clues

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Can you name the Necromancer skills from Diablo II?

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Summoning Spells
Passive - Increases life and damage of skeletons and reanimated creatures 
Reanimate skeletal warrior from target corpse 
Creates a golem from the earth to fight by your side 
Passive - Enhances speed and life of all your golems 
Reanimate skeletal mage from target corpse 
Golem that shares life and damage 
Passive - Increases the resistances of all summoned creatures 
Creates a golem from a metallic item 
Creates a golem that absorbs fire damage 
Raises a monster to fight for you 
Poison and Bone Spells
Fires barbed teeth 
Creates a damage absorbing bone shell 
Next dagger attack poisons target 
Turns a corpse into a bomb 
Creates an impassable barrier 
Turns a corpse into a poison gas bomb 
Summons a deadly spike of bone 
Creates a barrier of bone around target 
Emits an expanding ring of poison 
Releases an undead specter 
Curse - Amplifies damage taken by enemies 
Curse - Reduces vision of monsters 
Curse - Reduces damage done by enemies 
Curse - Enemies damage themselves 
Curse - Monsters run away in fear 
Curse - Monster attacks random targets 
Curse - Enemies return life to attacker 
Curse - Monster becomes universal target 
Curse - Greatly slows and weakens enemies 
Curse - Lowers enemies' resistance to magic 

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