Diablo 2 - Druid Skills with clues

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Can you name the Druid skills from Diablo II?

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Unleash fiery chaos to burn your enemies 
Launch a boulder of flaming hot magma 
Shoot a jet of ice 
Open the earth to burn enemies 
Shield from elemental damage 
Release several small whirlwinds 
Summon forth an eruption 
Create a funnel of wind and debris 
Rain fire on your enemies 
Create a massive wind storm 
Shape Shifting
Shift into wolf form 
Passive - Improves duration and life when in alternate forms 
Shift into bear form 
Life-stealing rage attack - Werewolf form 
Mangle your enemies - Werebear form 
Bite causes disease - Werewolf form 
Fiery, mauling attack 
Life-and-mana-stealing bite 
Create waves that stun nearby enemies - Werebear form 
Multiple attacks - Werewolf form 
Summon crows 
Summon disease spreading vine 
Summon the spirit of the oak 
Summon a wolf 
Summon corpse eating vine that replenishes your life 
Summon a wolverine spirit 
Summon an enraged wolf 
Summon corpse eating vine that replenishes your mana 
Summon a spirit pet of thorns 
Summon a bear 

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