Family Guy - 'Maude' Credit Sequence

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Can you name the people mentioned in Family Guy's 'really long opening credit sequence' for Maude?

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_____ was a freedom rider / She didn't care if the whole world looked
_____, with the Lord to guide her / She was a sister who really cooked
_____ was a strong woman character / Working all day in a science lab, yeah
_____ was a famous nurse / Who was rapping with the soldiers, and bandages too
_____, always out doing stuff / Marching around and holding up signs
_____ had it going on / An Indian guide with lots of Indian pride
_____ ran a whole big country / That isn't easy even if you're a guy
_____ was a very good athlete / Good at track and field, and professional golf too
_____ flew a lot of airplanes / Except for that one time when she didn't come back
_____ lived way out in the desert / But still found a way to keep herself looking fine

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