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Can you name the Woody Allen movie by the name of the character he plays?

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Miles MonroeHealth Food Store Owner
Allan FelixBogart Fan/Divorcee
Alvy SingerComedian
Val WaxmanFilmmaker
Boris DemitrivichWar Hero
Virgil StarkwellBank Robber
Sandy BatesFilmmaker
Danny RoseTalent Agent
Fielding MellishLatin American Revolutionary
Mickey SachsTelevision Writer
C.W. BriggsInsurance Claims Investigator
Cliff SternDocumentary Filmmaker
Cowardly SpermSperm
Larry LiptonBook Editor
Ray WinklerBank Robber
Joe BerlinWriter
Sid WatermanMagician
Howard PrinceBookie
Woody AllenFilmmaker/Writer/Clarnet Player/Neurotic Jew
Isaac DavisTelevision Writer
David DobelArtist
Lenny WeinribSportswriter

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