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Aside from 'Wiseguys,' the most commonly used nickname used amonst organized criminals1990
Execute the proper objective1989
A direction mostly opposite from the south, but also a quote from 'Hamlet'1959
An 1-22 month old human valued at an extremly high price2004
Community of deceased writers who specialize in non-prose1989
7,620 Minutes2010
The 35th President of the United States1991
The 1912 passenger ship which sank despite preconceived notions that it was unsinkable1997
Ms. Parker and Mr. Barrow1967
The other half of a duel role in a wildly popular ballet2010
A resilient young individual with little motive for resistance1955
The lack of noise coming from a group of young sheep1991
Fake TitleReal TitleYear
The attribute of being unusually difficult to damage or destroy2000
A promise of human bodily fulids, only satisfied within the last ten minutes2007
The person who kills the eponymous wild animal for sport, but is disturbed after using the same skill on the Vietnamese1978
A 1963 pop single by Bobby Vinton1986
Murder William2003 & 2004
Human Males refrain from the act of weeping1999
The document of 1,200 Jews pardoned from execution due to the eponymous factory owner1993
The last name of the first openly homosexual elected to public office, but also a mammalian source of nurishment for their young2008
The individual who is hunted by the authorities due to lack of complience to abide by federal laws1993
Taking on the persona of the Oscar-nominee from 'Places in the Heart'1999
Organized criminal groups of the Empire States largest city2002
A collision between two automated vehicles2005

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