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'This particular one of the seven deadly sins is a swell one, because I have no other way to say it.'
'The first law of altercation guild is no member shall address the matters of altercation guild with anyone.'
'The act of weeping is strictly forbidden in America's favorite past time!'
'I am experiencing the requirement. The requirement for velocity.'
'I loathe legless reptiles, Jock!'
'I am the inherited monarch of the the Earth!'
'You responsible males! It is forbidden to enter altercations, because we are currently in the violence conference chamber!'
Formal QuoteMovieActual Quote
'Even though there are many businesses that serve alcohol in many cities in a wildly populous Earth, this particular female should enter the one that I own.'
'Let it out of your mind, Jacob, it is the nature of the L.A. district inhabited by Asians.'
'I was willing to take you back from the point when you gave salutations.'
'You're nautical mode of transportation is of inefficient size and I suggest you aqcuire a more suitable model.'
'I pray to the lord for knowledge of a method to leave you with.'
'You must introduce a query upon yourself: Is my fortune reliable? Well, is it, lad?
'You are unable to comprehend the events that actually happened!'

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