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Can you name the song title hidden in this 4-letter word ladder?

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A Lynyrd Skynyrd song [Rung 1] [Rung 17] 1
Run away from a place2
Happy or Fox TV show3
Sticky adhesive4
To turn on an axis5
Like a snail without a shell6
Populated, run-down part of a city7
____ the door, or a ____ dunk in basketball8
Moved or glided across a surface10
Made a statement, uttered aloud11
Grains on the beach12
Lynyrd Skynyrd is one13
Part of Earth not covered by water14
Pig fat commonly used in cooking15
Poet, or baseball's Josh ____16
A Lynyrd Skynyrd song [Rung 1] [Rung 17]17

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