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Can you name the words/phrases containing the letters LTH consecutively (though there CAN be a space in the middle)?

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1974 Woodward/Bernstein non-fiction book, or its Redford/Hoffman Oscar-winning adaptation
Dirty, stinky, unpleasant, or offensive
An energy drink, a 'Charlie's Angels' film sequel, or a 1995 LucasArts adventure game
Interpretation of facts, actions, or words, as one would like them to be, not as they really are
The first African American woman to win a tennis Grand Slam (1956 French Open)
Oscar-nominated writer/director of 'Magnolia', 'Boogie Nights', and 'There Will Be Blood'
A ninja, a fighter pilot, or Sam Fisher might use it
Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series that ran from 1994 to 2005
Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia designate themselves as these
Game show created in 1956 on which celebrities question a notable person and two impostors
16th-17th century British political economist who wrote 'An Essay on the Principle of Population'
1958 Lawrence Durrell novel, or actor Getty of 'Brothers & Sisters'
Nickname of Hall of Fame Knicks guard Earl Monroe
The time of life when one is expected to be responsible for one's own actions and well-being
Health care meant to maintain or restore maximum movement and functional ability
Conjunction that can mean 'in spite of' or 'but'
Describes many Broadway shows, such as 'Oklahoma!', 'Hair', and 'Rent'
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man...

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