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Updated Sep 25, 2012

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PhraseMissing Word
Beatles song off 'Magical Mystery Tour': 'The ____ on the Hill'
1966 Simon & Garfunkel song: '____ Come She Will'
Worldwide day for practical jokes: ____ Fools' Day
Sebastian Faulks novel with 26 chapters: 'A ____'s Alphabet'
1987 Eric Johnson computer game: 'The ____'s Errand'
Alexander Pope adage: '____s rush in where angels fear to tread'
Famous idiom: '____ me once, shame on you; ____ me twice, shame on me'
Aretha Franklin song given a Grammy Hall of Fame Award: 'Chain of ____s'
Famous idiom: ____ showers bring May flowers
Mr. T catchphrase: 'I pity the ____!'
British sitcom: 'Only ____s and Horses'
1993 drama starring Alfred Molina and Miranda Richardson 'Enchanted ____'
The Who classic, now known as the 'CSI: Miami' theme: 'Won't Get ____ed Again'
2003 Katie Holmes drama: 'Pieces of ____'
The quickest possible finish to a chess match: ____'s mate
1997 Jewel hit, #15 on Billboard's All-Time Hot 100: '____ish Games'
1993 Richard Russo novel/1994 Paul Newman film: 'Nobody's ____'
Like an infallible plan or a fail-safe device: ____proof
Thomas Tusser proverb: 'A ____ and his money are soon parted'
The mineral pyrite: ____'s gold

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