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Can you name the lowest-rated video games of all-time, according to GameRankings?

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DescriptionGameScore / Console / Year
Drive your truck through bridges or off the map itself. And your opponent doesn't move- YOU'RE WINNER !3.83% / PC / 2003
Matt Lucas and David Walliams's sketch comedy TV show comes to life via boring mini-games16.00% / PS2 / 2007
Long-running series's lowest point: uncle Larry runs a movie studio; nephew Larry tries to seduce women16.86% / PS3 / 2009
A bite-sized martial artist fights cupcakes and bees (for about half an hour)17.00% / Wii / 2007
The game asks players to stay atop a raging beast for eight seconds- to the EXTREME!17.67% / PC / 1999
'WiiShovelWare' in which Pog-like drivers in gyroscopic vehicles try to claim first on ugly tracks18.43% / Wii / 2008
An Armed Forces vs. foreign enemies shooter. Nothing is more destructive than this game to your psyche.18.83% / PC / 2003
In 'the first non-violent 3D shooter'(?), teams splatter each other- to the EXTREME!19.40% / PC / 1998
A free 'advergame' on (and later removed from) Xbox Live in which a Toyota drives down a halfpipe20.00% / X360 / 2007
After jumping out of a plane, players do tricks or try to hit a target; most hope their chute won't open20.33% / PC / 1999
The cel-shaded hero can shoot independently with both hands but aim well with neither20.48% / Xbox / 2003
DescriptionGameScore / Console / Year
Howie Mandel annoys you, just like on his TV game show. Opening briefcases has never been so little fun!20.93% / DS / 2007
The player picks from four vehicles to drive over both land and water on two tracks. What a deal!21.36% / PC / 2000
The Caped Crusader is after the Joker; the game itself is a joke22.13% / PS1 / 2000
This action game based on an '80s TV series has it all- pastel colors, button-less suits, and bad gameplay22.30% / PC / 2004
A spinning top fights another spinning top. Seriously, that's it.22.50% / PS1 / 2002
Far from exotic, this racer is just as dated as the 1994 arcade game on which it's based22.50% / Wii / 2007
Based on a defunct X Games ripoff, the player's BMX bike controls poorly on three different surfaces22.50% / Xbox / 2002
Not shocking: A collection of dull mini-games on the Wii! Shocking: This game has multiple sequels!22.60% / Wii / 2007
Sure, there are thousands of number-based puzzles, but you can just play it in the newspaper for free22.60% / DS / 2006
The classic example of a horrible game- the hero defeats Lex Luthor by... flying through rings?!22.90% / N64 / 1999

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