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Will Smith's character in 'Men in Black'
Prefix for German submarines
A serpentine curve
Symbol for the SI derived unit of force
According to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre it ain't nothing but a ___ thang baby
Chromosome that determines the sex of in mammals
The symbol for momentum in Physics
Nominative singular pronoun in the English language
A test score of 34% would result in this letter grade (US)
MPAA rating in which those under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian
The chemical element with atomic number 1
Famously, the 1939 book 'Gadsby' never uses this
Fifty to the ancient Romans
Computer programming language developed in 1972
For a rectangle, it's l times w; for a circle, it's pi times r²
Job title of Major Boothroyd, maker of James Bond's gadgets
A second-rate movie, often a cult classic
Blood type of people frequently called 'universal donors'
International license plate designation for Germany
This marks the 'spot' on treasure maps
1969 French-language film nominated for Best Picture
Classic 1931 Fritz Lang film starring Peter Lorre
A 'Special' cereal from Kellogg
2008 presidential biopic from Oliver Stone
Mysterious protagonist of 1980s Alan Moore comic books
Surname of an A-Team actor who pities fools

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