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Born On Decemeber So I Am A Saggitarius Lady Just A Little Bicurious
So I Got A Bad Bitch Mentality Cause I Just Came From Another Galaxy
That Other Bitch Balogna So I Call Her Ocsar Mayer
Detonating The Bombs Detonating The Fire Rosay By The Fire Money Making Attire
If Biggie Was Alive He'd Sign Me, I'm The New Editon Like Bobby And Ronnie
Put My Bracelet In The Mirror Icey Me Icey Me Get It?
And If My Heart Seize Please Call My Aunties
I Coulda Been Had Fame Jumpshot With A Stupid Ass Aim
You Can Call Me Whitley I Go To Hillman
I am not a word I Am Not A Line I Am Not A Girl That Can Ever Be Defined
I Just Pop Up On These Hoes On Some Pimple **** And Put The Iron To Your Face You Old Wrinkled BITCH!
Murda Mook And Mills Gone Have To Battle Scoop Whoever Win And Tell Him Let's Skeedaddle
What's Her Nationality She Chinese Right?
Might Breeze Through The Ave Might Stop At The Gym
I Just Deaded You Left You In All Black
Imma Put My Lips On Your Lips Who's Fatter **** You Can Ask Michael Jack Who's Badder
I Got One Leg Up In The Middle Of The Ring And That Bitch Better Duck When The Bell Go DING!
This Time Won't You Save Me
I Used To Dilly Dally Used To Dilly To Cali Used To Push A Pink Denali Now It's Chevy Impali's
Young Money Raised Me Grew Up Out In Baisley South Side Jamaica Queens And It';s Crazy
One Bitch Down New York Times Front Page
I Catch Rec On Recreation So I Exceed All Your Exoectations
LyricSong# Correct
Who The Hell Is This? Calling Me At 12:47 In The Night While iIm Watching The Fight
Peggy and Al Bundy ballin like Van Gundy
Put Your Number 2's In The Air if You Did It On Em
Why These Bitches In The Game Gettin Serious For? I Was Just Playing When I Said You Look Like Curious George
Im Nicki, I'm Finicky I'm Picky
My Flow Stupid Wheel Chair Bound Take The Small Bus All Year Round
Roger That Did You Copy That Co Co Copy Cat?
You Be Talking Slick And Honestly I Can See Why, You Don't Know Me And I Ain't Talkin Bout T.I.
Tell Them Bitches Get A Stick I'm Through Leading The Blind
Tell Fendi I'll Never Forget Him, And Please Tell Wayne I'll Always Be Indetted
I Breeze Through Africa Just To See The Safari
Snapple In My Hand And It's Strawberry Kiwi
Excuse Me Can I See Your Dang A Lang Brother?
Gotta Go Let Me Get The Car Keys You Don't It With The Harajuku Barbie
Hey Nicki Hey Nicki Asthma
Where My West Indies Where The **** My Curry Chicken And My Rice And Peas
**** Didnt Have Your Money It Was Gun Play Used To Tell Me To Listen To What A Thug Say
Number One Draft iIm New York's Pick And I Don't Lose Like Them Dudes On The New York Knicks
Oh I Get It You A Joker Leave A Dot On Your Head And I Ain't Talking Bout Poker
I Aint Know The President Live In D.C.
Why Are You Speaking When No One Asked You?

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