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2008 - 2010Full Answers Please
Who was the second ever NGW Champion?
What is Danny V's Finisher?
How many members are in Cruz Enterprises?
The guy that goes around filming things
James Tyler defeated Adam James Bullivant in a Chain Match at which event?
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Danny V & Avian?
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Who never wears footwear in the ring?
Who was the very first NGW Champion?
SC Supreme's Tag Team Partner?
What colour is associated with NGW?
At the very first Summer Smash Brawl, Who did Dave Rayne defeat in a 2 out of 3 falls match?
What is Avian's Finisher?
Is he too hot and spicy for you?
What is Colossus Kennedy's Finisher?
Who is 'NGW Management' ?
Who is Nathan Cruz's 'Girlfriend' ?
The Showstealer's former nickname?
The name of the Centre where NGW is from
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
What month in 2008 was NGW launched?
What is Nathan Cruz's Finisher?
Happy Go Lucky!
Can you tell me the name of the NGW Site in full?
2008 - 2010Full Answers Please
The event held during the summer
Who is NGW's resident superhero?
Who is 'NGW Chairman' ?
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Current NGW Head Referee
Who is 'The Showstealer' ?
The winner of NGW's First Trainee's Award
This man loves to swing his balls!
NGW's Head Trainer?
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Cruz Enterprises 'Head of Security'
NGW's First Ring Announcer
Out of the entire roster, Who is the only man to have been on every NGW Show?
Who is the 'Chavy Waterboy' ?
Former NGW Head Referee
Mark Criteria's 'Hired Gun'
Name a former member of 'The Elite'
Who did Nathan Cruz have a bitter rivalry with over a nickname?
Nathan Cruz's 'Agent'
What is Matt Myers Finisher?
Masked wearing hero
The Chairman was a roster member, what was his wrestling name?
This man is Textbook, Baby!
Who was the very first NGW referee?

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