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CharactersVoice Actors NameBirth/Death Years
Cobra Commander, Starscream, Darkstorm, Wheeljack1949-1994
Irma, Madame-O, Dr. Rhoda Dendron, Wiggle, Dia1946-Present
Bumblebee, Victor Vector, Spider-Man, Cooler1950-Present
Bart Simpson, Gusty, Bright Eyes, Chuckie Finster1957-Present
Krang, BraveStarr, Lurky, Denver, Baxter Stockman1949-Present
Strawberry Shortcake, Gonzo, Huey, Dewey, Louie1944-Present
Nose Marie, Mama Bear, Suzie Kabloozie1936-Present
Penny, Red Butler, Mokey Fraggle1947-Present
Optimus Prime, Venger, Eeyore, Corran, Monterey Jack1944-Present
Jana, Haggar, Whopper, Wonder Woman, Scarlett, Velma1944-Present
CharactersVoice Actors NameBirth/Death Years
Rainbow Brite, Dotty Dog, Lucy Little, Megan1974-Present
Garfield, Peter Venkman, Tummi Gummi1937-2001
Fred Jones, Megatron, Darkseid, Dr. Claw, Garfield1946-Present
Arcee, Flim Flam, Buttons, Stormer, Granny Smurf1948-Present
Hawkman, Flash, Wet Suit, Ultra Magnus, King Zarkon1930-Present
Skeletor, Falcor, Overlord, Mindok the Mind Menace1930-Present
Shipwreck, Herc Armstrong, Leoric, Ace McCloud, 1944-Present
Teela, Evil Lynn, Chromia, Glimmer, Aunt May Parker1944-1995
Stratos, Orko, Mantenna, Bat Mite, Sandstorm1928-Present
Duke, Allstar Seaworthy, Prowl, Lance, Lex Luthor1938-Present

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