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Which aubatomic particle forms a cloud around the nucleus?
What is the mass of a proton?
What unit of measurement is useful for describing the mass of subatomic particles?
Elextron mass is negligible. true/false?
Isotopes means the element has an unequal number of?
It takes little work move an electron farther away from the nucleus. true/false?
An electron can exist inbwtween its fixed states of potemtial energy. True/False?
The first shell holds how many electrons?
Valence electrons are found in which shell?
Electron paths are unpredictable. True/False?
Delta + and Delta - indicate whether a atom has?
Hydrogen bonds last for fractions of a second. True/False?
A calorie equals?
A mole is 6.02 X 10^22. True/False?
High pH is highly acidic. True/False?

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