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1944Father Francis Chisholm
1945Paul Scott
1945John Ballantine/Dr. Anthony Edwardes
1946Ezra 'Penny' Baxter
1946Lewton 'Lewt' McCanles
1947Robert Wilson
1947Philip Schuyler Green
1947Anthony Keane
1948James 'Stretch' Dawson
1949General Savage
1950Jimmy Ringo
1951Title Character
1951Capt. Richard Lance
1951King David
1952Capt. Jonathan Clark
1952Harry Street
1953Joe Bradley
1954Henry Adams
1954Col. Steve Van Dyke
1954Squadron Leader Bill Forrester
1956Tom Rath
1956Captain Ahab
1957Mike Hagen
1958Jim Douglass
1958James McKay
1959Lt. Joe Clemons
1959F. Scott Fitzgerald
1959Cmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers
1961Capt. Keith Mallory
1962Sam Bowden
1962Cleve Van Valen
1962Atticus Finch
1963Title Character
1964Manuel Artiguez
1965David Stillwell
1966Prof. David Pollock
1968Sam Varner
1969John Hathaway
1969Charles Keith
1970Sheriff Tawes
1971Clay Lomax
1974Arch Deans
1976Robert Thorn
1977Title Character
1978Dr. Josef Mengele
1980Col. Lewis Pugh
1989Ambrose Bierce
1991Andrew Jorgenson
1991Lee Heller

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