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Big SexyFormer WWF and WCW World Champion still competes in TNA
The Whole F'n ShowChanged to 'Dam' in the WWF/E
SugarBetter known as The Hurricane, or as a member of WCW's boyband 3-Count
The MastodonFormer Mable, and Viscera
Stone ColdIf you don't get this one...you must not have been alive in the 90's
The Heartbreak KidFounder of D-X multi-time WWF/E World Champion
The AnimalMulti-time world champion in WWE
The Wrestling GodFormer WWE Champion, WWE US Champion
The Man of a Thousand MasksName is almost a direct translation of the nickname
The Lethal WeaponProbably most memorable for the Head Cheese tag team with Al Snow
The Notorious K.I.D.Former WWE Curiserweight, ECW TV ,and TNA X Champion
The Phenomenal Former NWA Champion in TNA, TNA Champion, TNA X Division Champion
Big Poppa PumpLess famous nicknames include 'Freakzilla' and 'The Big Bad Booty Daddy'
The Insane LuchadoreFormer ECW and WWE Competitor; has worked Dragongate USA PPV's as well
SuperflyOften mistaken for Samoan; is actually from the Fiji Islands
Version 1One-half of a top 90's tag team with his real life brother
The Notorious 187Former ROH Champion, also a former TNA Tag Champion
ThunderJapanese Legend has competed for TNA, WCW, and ROH in America
The Total PackageFormer WCW World Champion, close friend of Sting
The Rated R SuperstarMulti-time World Champion in WWE
The Bizarre OneFather is a WWE Hall of Famer, brother is part of Legacy
The TruthFormer NWA Champion in TNA; competes as R-Truth in WWE
The AnimalHairy backed competitor competed for almost 50 years
Macho ManMega-star in the 80's and 90's; Snap Into a Slim Jim
The SnakeMetaphorical nickname became literal in WWF run
Double AAlso known as The Enforcer, member of the 4 Horsemen
Nature BoyAt least 16 Time World Champion;
The British BulldogLater in his career this became more his actual ring name than a nickname
The Big Red MachineUndertaker's little, less succesful 'brother'
The GlamazonFormer WWE Women's Champion
The Fallen AngelIndy and TNA Superstar; goes by only his last name these days
The Excellence of ExecutionCanadian superstar; WWF and WCW World Champion
PrimetimeNot Deon Sanders; Former TNA Tag Champion, also competed in WCW
The LionheartWCW and Japanese nickname of a former three time WWE World Champion
The Houdini of HardcoreResponsible for the 24/7 Rule in WWF's Hardcore Division
Sexual ChocolateAlso known as 'The World's Strongest Man'
RavishingFormer WWF IC Champion, had some of the most memorable attire in wrestling
Latino HeatFirst Luchador to become world champion in America
HollywoodTop drawing star in the '80s, also a top drawer in the '90s
Love MachineTag team partner of the Eddie Guerrero in Mexico's AAA promotion
The Man BeastFormer TNA and ECW World Champion; known as The War Machine in TNA
The RejectFitting nickname; has been hired and fired by TNA, WCW, and WWE(twice)
The Loose CannonWWF Persona of a man known as 'Flyin''
The Charasmatic EnigmaTNA Nickname of a former WWE World Champion
A DoubleTwo time ROH Champion, had a brief TNA run
Captain CharismaFormer NWA Champion in TNA and ECW Champion in WWE
Lord More commonly known as William in the WWE
FlyboyOne-half of The Public Enemy
ClassicROH stand-out, had a brief WWE run as Scotty Goldman
Nature BoyThe original Nature Boy; original WWWF Champion

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