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Blond woman who fails to re-join after leaving the farm (Laurie Holden)
Dr. Greene's younger daughter (Emily Kinney)
Mr & Mrs Grimes' son (Chandler Riggs)
Merle Dixon's bro with the cross bow (N. Reedus)
Mulleted scientist (Josh McDermitt)
Abraham's last name / car brand
Korean crew member Mr. Rhee (Steven Y.)
One-legged Veterinarian (Scott Wilson)
What the walkers are, also the name of the 2nd episode of season 4
Man who is left behind at tree after being infected (Andrew Rothenberg) and also Dr. Greene's farmhand who dies in RV (James A McCune)
Woman who is burnt by Carol in season 4 / Girlfriend of Ty
Mrs Grimes (Sarah W Callies)
Dr. Greene's older daughter that forms a relationship with G___ (Lauren Cohan)
Mr Dixon actor: N***** Reedus
Deer Hunter who shot Grimes' son -OR- Prisoner who is shot at Gov's Woodbury
Governor's real first name
Place where they campout -OR- what they must be to avoid attackers
Main leader of the crew - Mr. Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)
Deputy partner who is stabbed while alive (Jon Bernthal)
African-American man in the crew (I. Singleton) or (Chad Coleman)
Another term for the attackers
Hispanic gang who protects the elderly home, also name of the episode (Season 1 ep 4)
Name of the Governor's community
What is shown to the crew at the CDC
Mr Rhee actor: Steven Y***
What the crew is trying to kill

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