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HintMissing WordIdol Group
Nothing _______than you, sesangeul da jwodoB2st/Beast
I______nobody nobody but youWonder Girls
Oh girl I cry cry yo my all, say ______Bigbang
Oh can't you ___? I'm still lovin youB2st/Beast
Her _____is the luciferSHINee
Tonight, such a ________ nightBigbang
Ayo ____! is this what you've been waiting for?(brand new GDG-dragon
HintMissing WordIdol Group
I go by the name of CL of 2ne1 and its been a long time ____ but we here now.2ne1
nan ggalggeumhan namja T.O.P nae sarang bling bling like___Bigbang and 2ne1
Every day I ___ ___! every night I ___ ___!B2st/Beast (2 words)
Tired of bein alone, sick of bein_____ think i need me a girlTaeyang
Can't nobody hold us____2ne1
Listen boy my _____love storyGirls Generation
You aint in the game you're just________G-Dragon&CL featuring Teddy

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