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QuoteMovieYear of Release
We're Going Streaking2003
Do They Speak English in What?1994
Hail Gallaxhar2009
Pretty Bird1994
As You Wish1987
Joanie Loves Chachi2004
Guessing.... I Guess Nobody is Coming1993
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn't Exist1995
QuoteMovieYear of Release
Sorry I Ruined Your Black Panther Party1994
Are You Brothers..... No..... Yes1998
The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug1997
F*** The Police2008
Hold On Spider Monkey2008
I Got Slimed1984
Show Me The Money1996
If I'm Not Back in 5 Minutes... Just Wait Longer1994
It Will Be Like I Never Exitsted2009
Follow the White Rabbit1999

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