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HandlesBook OT
Serve God no matter What
Just Live By Faith
Idolatry of the Northern Nation
Love and care and Human Faithfulness
Ministry to Nineveh
Giving of the second Law
Encouragement to Zerubbabel
God's Glory
History of Israel, Transition
Kings of Judea and Israel
Weeping Prophet
Ninevehs Destruction
Hear I am Send Me
Settlement of the promised-land
Priestly Perspectives
Judgement against the Edomites
Wilderness Wondering
Jewish Queen
HandlesBook OT
Song of Grief, destruction of Jerusalem
Faithfulness in severe personal suffering
Rescue Israel: Military Leaders
Love Song
Instruct, rebuke, and exhort
Story of David
Rebuilding of the Walls
Certainty of God's judgement
God is faithful to the unfaithful
Exiting Egypt
Complete the Restoration of Jerusalem
Israel restoration, Denounces injustice
Plague of Locust
Fear of the Lord
Restoration of the nation's temple
Book of Beginnings
Praise and Worship Book

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