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+Eats all the cake
+Lives it big
+Has the most ellen jeans
+Onions are her fave
+MJ is her idol on the dancefloor
+is a porn start after 2 drinks
+is not big and fat/i want a smirnoff ice
+sometimes only dogs can hear her
+has the worst nickname
+has a boyfriend who is going to get in trouble...
+ regularly eats her life away
+likes her boyfriends meaty
+opens all the seacocks
+gets on with jo and dave
+lies on sporcle quizzes and says they got 41/42 on harry potter surnames
+twat features
+is overshadowed by her friends' love for her dad
+ whose nan has a pretty impressive thimble collection?
+likes to end the night with a big sausage
+makes the best rice crispie cakes
+doesn't actually like cucumbers to the extent that is suggested
recently sent the text 'Katie you am am i irritating'
+loves a bit of the buble
+fancies the old man out of greenmile
+is the funniest person in the world to watch attempt wi football!
+has a special face
+did a fetching pumpkin breakdance (including the worm) at halloween
+loves Jesus (WWJD)

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