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Can you name the words coined by shakespeare?

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Context SentenceWordWork
He was _______ of treason when the conspiracy was uncoveredRichard II
I knew it would rain by the dark and ______ skiesKing Henry VI, Part I
The ______ shopper only bought clothes on saleThe Merry Wives of Windsor
The round chocolate was wrapped like an _______ in celebration of HalloweenA Midsummer Night's Dream
the heavyweight boxing ________ glared fierecelyMacbeth
A ____________ knife stuck out of the killer's pocketTitus Andronicus
The students gazed at the __________ statue in awe of its sizeTroilus and Cressida
As an _________ judge, she weighed both sides of the story equallyKing Henry IV, Part II
Because of the bright flashing lights, grandpa had an _________ seizureKing Lear
My mom put a _____ on the sugar jar so we would stop confusing it for the flour jar.Twelfth Night
tabloids are full of endless ______ about Hollywood starsThe Comedy of Errors
Lisa could hardly contain her __________ for the trip to DisneylandHamlet
The clothing store began ___________ in order to get more businessMeasure for Measure
Context SentenceWordWork
Dirt was _____ all over their legs and arms from playing in the mudTimon of Athens
The lady began _______ when the gentleman complimented her hatKing Henry VI, Part III
Because so many people came to the party, we hired someone to _____ so we didn't have to cook all the foodAs You Like It
My tire popped from hitting a ____ in the roadRomeo and Juliet
the brothers settled their argument by making a __________ The Merchant of Venice
The politician gave an ________ answer to avoid answering the questionAll's Well That Ends Well
We needed a ____ to guess the correct answerOthello
We decided to _____ the flag to half mast when JFK diedAntony and Cleopatra
The _______ lion, king of the animal kingdom, roared mightily.Julius Caesar
The waring countries decided to ________ a peace treatyMuch Ado About Nothing
the teacher is such a ______, she will make sure you don't miss a single comma.The Taming of the Shrew
The servant ____________ fulfilled all his duties, regardless of their difficultyRichard III

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