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Can you name the European countries hidden in the sentences?

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Fearing repercussions, we denied any knowledge of the accident
As a souvenir I bought a lacy Prussian veil.
Aiden marked a page in his new book.
The Statue of Liberty is a nice landmark.
Faced with hunger, many refugees resorted to stealing.
It will snow and/or rain tomorrow.
Diana bought a necklace of filigree, Cecilia also bought one.
Marcus painted my house last week.
She handed me a flat vial of perfume.
He often drank malt and ale.
The hippo landed on his behind when he fell.
Newlyweds love Niagara Falls.
Ralf ran, Cedric walked.
After the fire, land was replanted.
Neither David nor Wayne showed up for work today.
When I attended university I knew one Roman, I also knew a Greek.

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