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Two horizontal yellow and red bands on the fly side and a green vertical band at the hoist.
Horizontal Tricolor of red, yellow and green with the National Coat of Arms of the country centered on a yellow stripe
A Horizontal bicolor of red and green with a yellow star in the center
A vertical tricolor of green, red and yellow, with a yellow star centered on a red band.
A diagonal yellow stripe separating a green triangle at the hoist from a red triangle at the fly end
Horizontal tricolour of red, gold, and green, with a black star in the center
A diagonally divided field of yellow-green-yellow-green with a red border; in addition to the six yellow stars in the border, there is a central star in a red disk and, at the hois
A vertical tricolour, equal stripes of red, gold and green
A black-edged red triangle over a larger white-edged gold triangle, both based on the hoist and pointing toward the fly, on a green field.
A horizontal tricolor of yellow, green and red.
Vertical tricolour, equal stripes of green, gold, and red
Vertical tricolour, equal stripes of green, gold and red, with a green, five-pointed star in the centre

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