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_____ = speed x time
_____ _____ is speed that does not change.
_____ is a change in position in certain period of time.
_____ is how hard something is to stop or how much force something will have when it hits something.
_____ = mass x velocity
_____ is the rate at which an object moves.
_____ is the most common frame of reference.
An object traveling in circular motion is constantly changing _____.
_____ is the rate of change in velocity.
100 meters measures _____
_____ is negative acceleration.
10 meters/second/second measures _____
_____ = distance/time
_____ is speed in a given direction.
Find the acceleration if the original velocity is 8 m/sec west, the final velocity is 16 m/sec west and the time is 4 seconds.
_____ = (final velocity - original velocity)/time
_____ _____ is speed that changes.
_____ = distance/speed
Find the speed given a distance of 100 meters and a time of 10 seconds.
Find the momentum given a velocity of 5 m/sec and a mass of 9 grams.
10 meters/second measures _____
2.8 grams-meters/second measures _____
_____ _____ ____ is the background or object that is being used for comparison.

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