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The friction produced by wheels is _____.
Forces in opposite directions combine by what mathematical operation?
What is Newton's first law?
When forces are from only one direction it is a _____ force.
What is the acceleration due to gravity at the earth's surface?
What is Newton's third law?
The tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion is _____.
The friction produced in a fluid is _____.
What is the formula for weight?
What is the formula for force?
As the size of an object increases what happens to its inertia?
An object falls until the _____ force equals the gravitational force.
A force that is opposite of motion is _____.
Who developed three laws to explain forces involved in motion?
What is Newton's 2nd law?
Forces in the same direction combine by what mathematical operation?
The friction produced by sliding objects is _____.
The measure of the force of gravity on an object is called _____.
What happens to the force of gravity as the mass of an object increases?
When forces are equal in opposite directions they create a _____ force.
The acceleration of a falling object is due to the force of _____ between the object and earth.
_____ is a push or pull.

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