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Which colony am I? Founders William Bradford & John Winthrop. Puritans seeking escape from religious presecution. Climate included harsh winters and warm summers.
An elected group of lawmakers
Which colony am I? Founder - William Penn. Climate - cold winters and hot humid summers. Various religions, self governing, English Quakers settled this colony.
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware make up the _____ colonies.
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia make up the _____ colonies.
Crops such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton raised in large quantities in order to be sold for profit are called?
Which colony am I? Short mild winters and long hot summers. Settled by debtors from English prisons & Europeans seeking religious freedom. George II was one of this colonies founde
Who replaced indentured servants in the southern colonies?
What gave all men who were members of the Puritan church the right to vote?
Which colony am I? Founded by Sir Walter Raleigh and the church of England.
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire make up the _____ colonies.
Which colony am I? Fur trapping, lumber, shipping, farming, and iron mining made up the economy of this colony founded by the Duke of York.
Which colony am I? Founders - Roger Williams & Anne Hutchinson. Many of the people who founded this colony were unhappy with the Puritans of Massachusetts strict laws.
This religious group came to North America to practice their religion and settled in Massachusetts.
Name the three colonial regions

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