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John Rolfe introduced _____ to Jamestown.
In 1534 this French explorer _____ tried to find an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean.
The _____ colony disappeared mysteriously.
One reason French did not attract many settlers in Canada
The _____ Native Americans were in a state of constant warfare.
Explorers _____ and _____ traveled the Mississippi river in search of an all water route to the Pacific Ocean.
During the winter of 1609, only _____ of the 500 colonists remained in Jamestown.
Who were the coureurs de bois?
The friendship between the French and _____ exposed these Native Americans to diseases.
Sir Walter Raleigh started a colony on _____ Island that never succeeded.
One way fur trappers help French government in settling New France?
_____ took control of the Jamestown colony and prevented it from collapse.
This lake in upstate New York in named after this French explorer.
Another reason French did not attract many settlers to Canada.
_____ married Pocahontas.

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