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John Rolfe introduced _____ to Jamestown.
Another reason French did not attract many settlers to Canada.
The _____ Native Americans were in a state of constant warfare.
During the winter of 1609, only _____ of the 500 colonists remained in Jamestown.
The _____ colony disappeared mysteriously.
Who were the coureurs de bois?
Explorers _____ and _____ traveled the Mississippi river in search of an all water route to the Pacific Ocean.
One reason French did not attract many settlers in Canada
_____ took control of the Jamestown colony and prevented it from collapse.
This lake in upstate New York in named after this French explorer.
In 1534 this French explorer _____ tried to find an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean.
Sir Walter Raleigh started a colony on _____ Island that never succeeded.
The friendship between the French and _____ exposed these Native Americans to diseases.
One way fur trappers help French government in settling New France?
_____ married Pocahontas.

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