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Can you name the largest websites in america, in under one minute??

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Monthly Audience...Website...Total Revenue...
185,167,472 users per month.$37,500,000,000 (37.5 Billion USD)
159,975,920 users per month.$1,600,000,000 ($1.2 Billion USD).
149,488,208 users per month.$3,700,000,000 ($3.7 Billion USD).
99,374,352 users per month.$48,000,000,000 (48 Billion USD).
94,840,280 users per month.$5,000,000,000 (5 Billion USD).
90,790,080 users per month.$140,000,000 (140 Million USD).
78,095,128 users per month.$2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion USD).
77,354,504 users per month.$20,000,000 (20 Million USD).
63,933,088 users per month.$10,000,000 (10 Million USD).
61,981,128 users per month.$69,900,000,000 (69.9 Billion USD).

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