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Can you name the Wrestlers by Their Nicknames?

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The Mastodon
The Next Big Thing
The Gladiator
Das Wunderkind
The Ayatolla of Rock 'n' Rolla
The Bad Guy
No Gimmicks Needed
The King of Old School
The Living Legend
The Croatian Panther
The Natural
The Future
The Body
The Animal
The People's Champion
The Chosen One
The Japanese Buzzsaw
The Dragon
The Immortal
The War Machine
The Canadian Enforcer
The Blueprint
The Innovater of Violence
The Big Cat
The Masterpiece
The Supreme Fighting Machine
The Truth
Captain Charisma
The Samoan Submission Machine
The Phenom
The Belfast Bruiser
The Gigolo
The Anvil
The Lethal Weapon
The Polish Power
The Shaman of Sexy
The Glamazon
The New F'n Show
The American Dream
The Model
The 9th Wonder of The World
The Birdman
The Human Suplex Machine
Blue Thunder
Mr. Monday Night
Latino Heat
The Future Legend
The All-American American
The Mouth of The South
The Game
The Nature Boy
The Juice
Big Sexy
The Real Man's Man
The Wildcat
The Heartbreak Kid
The Big Red Machine
The Hardcore Icon
The World's Strongest Man
The Total Package
Messiah Of The Backbreaker
The Beast From The East
The Cat
The Snake
The Hitman
The Fallen Angel
The Gold Standard
The Iceman
The Bizarre
The One
The Crippler
The Phoenix
The Texas Rattlesnake
Hot Stuff
Big Poppa Pump
The Innovator Of Offense
The Brain
The Showstealer
Mr. Perfect
Orange Crush
The Hurricane
The Phenomonal
The Loose Cannon
Mr. Wonderful
The Legend Killer
American Dragon
Black Machismo
The Hammer
The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac
The Taskmaster
The Monster
The Black Hart
The Tennessee Cowboy
The Beast
The Dog Faced Gremlin
The King
Dr. Death
The Bigshot
The Rated R superstar
The Texas Tornado
The 8th Wonder of The World
The Enforcer
The Celtic Warrior
The Mexican Superman
The Wonderkid
The Million Dollar Man
The Franchise

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