The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series - Do They Die?

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Can you name the Millennium series characters that die in the books?

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CharacterDo They Die?
Holger Palmgren
Paolo Roberto
Dag Svensson
Gunnar Bjorck
Ronald Niedermann
Geraldine Forbes
Hans-Erik Wennerstrom
Peter Teleborian
Alexander Zalachenko
Dirch Frode
Lisbeth Salander
Carl-Magnus Lundin
Annika Giannini
Hans Faste
Nils Bjurman
Suzanne Linder
Erika Berger
Harriet Vanger
Evert Gullberg
Jan Bublanski
Gottfried Vanger
CharacterDo They Die?
Sonja Modig
Peter Fredriksson
Greger Beckman
Henry Cortez
Henrik Vanger
Torsten Edklinth
Anita Vanger
Sonny Nieminen
Christer Malm
Mikael Blomkvist
Dragan Armansky
Richard Forbes
Richard Ekstrom
Cecilia Vanger
Miriam Wu
Anders Jonasson
Monica Figuerola
Frederik Clinton
Mia Johansson
Martin Vanger
Malin Eriksson

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