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Reg., Type, Setting, Accept %, Mean SATCollege
Northeast, Private, Very large city, 32%, 2015
Northeast, Private, Large city, 8%, 2225
Northwest, Public, Very large city, 61%, 1800
Southwest, Public, Very large city, 90%, 1605
Southeast, Private, Very large city, 25%, 2105
Southeast, Public, Very large city, 61%, 1970
Midwest, Public, Small city, 42%, 1970
Reg., Type, Setting, Accept %, Mean SATCollege
Southeast, Public, Small city, 39%, 1905
Midwest, Public, Very large city, 53%, 1865
Northeast, Private, Small city, 14%, 2145
East, Private, Large city, 38%, 2060
Midwest, Private, Small city, 26%, 2155
Midwest, Private, Large city, 22%, 2190
West, Private, Small city, 17%, 2245

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