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DescriptionCharacter name
Spongebob's klutz cousin
Muscle man
Runs a ghost ship
TV anchor and reporter
Villain with removable head
Squidward's nemesis
Hides pickles under tongue
Surfs using Spongebob as board
Spongebob's seahorse
Boating school bully
Patrick's parents
Turns into a butterfly
Surfing guru
DescriptionCharacter name
Sells chum
Spongebob's father
He's ready!
Villain afraid of pencils
Texas, y'all
Superhero sidekick
Boating instructor
Defeats Spongebob in Poseidome
He was number 1
Famous jellyfisher
Lives in a pineapple under the sea, too
Announcer for fry cook games
Aging superhero
TV food critic
Clarinet player

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