X-Files teasers II

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Can you name the 'X-Files' episode based on what happens in the opening teaser (mythology-only)?

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Xena drowns a man
Mulder heads upstairs, and a gunshot rings out
Two cavemen meet an alien creature inside a cave
A New Mexico earthquake reveals a weird-looking corpse
Mulder's funeral
Little Scully kills a snake
A sheriff gets fried in the forest
A chess tournament suddenly becomes exciting
An electrical worker gets stung by a bee…
An Arizona man turns up the heat, then gives birth…
An airplane gets intercepted by a bright light
Trouble in front of the White House
An illegal border crossing ends with a bang
A radiation-poisoned sailor tells his story to Mulder's two dads
A little boy is visited by 'angels'…dressed in suits
Crazy guy gets shot, then another guy heals him
A cloaked UFO takes up occupancy in the desert
A man with unusual blood loses the cops at a harbor
Skinner dies
The KKK is led by an alien?

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