X-Files teasers (prologues, cold opens, etc.)

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Can you name the 'X-Files' episode based on what happens in the opening teaser (MOTW-only)?

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After some airport trouble, a guy bleeds all over his hotel bed8
A truck disappears—wait, never mind *CRASH*3
Mulder kills a vampire (or not)5
Two men train guns on each other, then on themselves...1
'Dead guy loves me, dead guy loves me not...'3
A balloon leads a boy to some train tracks...2
An apparently dead prison inmate blinks1
As a man dies, Scully's watch starts going the wrong way8
A killer strikes again, while a slot machine finally pays out9
The 11:46 bus comes right on schedule4
A man sees a human-shaped pile of dirt on his bed, then turns around...7
Mulder is shot, then the whole place goes up6
Scully sees her father on the couch, then gets a phone call...1
A faculty meeting ends with a Satanic prayer2
A three-eyed man with an axe8
A detective talks to a little girl, then goes out the window1
A man walks out of a burning car and into a bystander8
Two men in the woods see some red eyes on the ground...5
While most people claw at their eyes, one guy does something more drastic...5
Firefighters find a dead guy, but no fire2
A writer pulls something out of his chest that should not come out6
A liposuction goes horribly, horribly right (mwahahaha)4
Mulder sees a killer coming straight at him...and then loses him4
A terrified cop gets into his car, only to have it flipped over7
An amnesiac wakes up in Mexico...9
Reyes gets her throat slit over there, Doggett gets shot over here9
Suicide via boiling water is unsuccessful, but at least the boiling part goes well3
Bunch of stuff floating in the ocean...and then there's Mulder6
Two well-dressed missionaries rough each other up BADLY7
A ghostly vision at a bowling alley4

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