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Can you name the NHL players with the most career games played?

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GPPlayerNHL Teams
1767Red Wings; Whalers
1756Oilers; Rangers; Canucks
1731Whalers; Penguins; Hurricanes; Maple Leafs
1652Penguins; Flyers; Canadiens; Hurricanes; Thrashers; Lightning; Bruins
1651Canadiens; Blackhawks; Red Wings; Thrashers
1639Sabres; Maple Leafs; Devils; Bruins; Avalanche; Lightning
1635Capitals; Blues; Devils
1615Kings; Capitals; North Stars; Penguins; Maple Leafs; Red Wings
1612Bruins; Avalanche
1564*Red Wings
1549Red Wings
1540Bruins; Red Wings
1524Devils; Blues; Whalers; Red Wings; Rangers
1514Red Wings
1499North Stars; Stars; Red Wings
1495Sabres; Jets; Blues; Flames; Devils; Capitals; Blavckhawks; Maple Leafs
1487Oilers; Kings; Blues; Rangers
1484Blues; Flyers; Hurricanes
1474Blues; Flames; Maple Leafs; Devils; Blackhawks; Sabres; Canadiens
1457Bruins; Whalers; Hurricanes; Maple Leafs
1446Maple Leafs; Rangers; Penguins; Sabres
1432Capitals; North Stars; Rangers; Maple Leafs; Coyotes
1431Flyers; Oilers; Panthers; Blues; Thrashers
1431Kings; Penguins; Rangers; Red Wings
1424Devils; Whalers; Rangers; Stars; Red Wings
1417Maple Leafs; Oilers; Flyers; Blue Jackets; Lightning; Senators
1416Flames; Blues
1411Rangers; Seals; Kings
1410Red Wings; Maple Leafs
1409Oilers; Penguins; Kings; Red Wings; Whalers; Flyers; Blackhawks; Hurricanes; Bruins
1407Nordiques; Capitals; Avalanche
1390Bruins; Blackhawks; North Stars; Flames; Capitals
1384Canadiens; Kings
GPPlayerNHL Teams
1382Canucks; Islanders; Canadiens; Capitals
1379*Lightning; Oilers; Islanders; Flames; Canadiens; Capitals
1378Maple Leafs; Oilers; Canadiens; Sharks
1378Nordiques; Avalanche
1378Rangers; Bruins; Red Wings; Penguins; North Stars
1372Jets; Coyotes; Stars; Sabres
1363Blackhawks; Coyotes; Flyers; Kings; Sharks
1353Islanders; Rangers; Canucks; Blues; Bruins; Maple Leafs
1349Devils; Canadiens; Islanders; Maple Leafs; Panthers; Stars
1348Red Wings; Kings; Rangers
1346*Penguins; Capitals; Rangers; Flyers
1346Nordiques; Maple Leafs; Canucks
1341*Jets; Ducks; Sharks; Avalanche
1337Red Wings; Blues; Bruins; Capitals; Flyers; Mighty Ducks; Oilers
1318Canadiens; Blues; Stars
1316Red Wings; Maple Leafs
1314Whalers; Devils; Rangers; Thrashers
1302Rangers; Penguins; Canadiens; Senators
1296Maple Leafs; Whalers
1294Sabres; Islanders; Canadiens; Blues; Stars; Avalache
1291Kings; Stars; Blue Jackets; Lightning; Penguins; Blues
1289Ducks; Thrashers; Red Wings; Kings; Canadiens; Rangers; Islanders; Coyotes; Maple Leafs; Canucks
1282Bruins; Blackhawks; Rangers
1281Rangers; Bruins
1280Rangers; Sabres; Whalers; Flames
1279Islanders; Penguins
1273Panthers; Flames; Predators; Nordiques; Hurricanes; Canucks; Oilers
1270Sharks; Kings; Avalanche
1269Stars; Blues; Red Wings; Flames; Coyotes
1263Ducks; Devils
1263Blues; Sharks; Islanders; Bruins; Devils; Oilers; Stars; Penguins
1258Islanders; Rangers; Blues; Whalers; Thrashers; Kings
1257Panthers; Flames; Devils; Stars; Maple Leafs
GPPlayerNHL Teams
1256*Islanders; Devils; Bruins; Wild; Avalanche
1256Canadiens; North Stars; Stars; Islanders
1254Oilers; Rangers
1251Oilers; Kings; Rangers; Mighty Ducks; Avalanche
1248Capitals; Red Wings; Blue Jackets; Mighty Ducks
1248Blackhawks; Rangers; Red Wings
1244*Predators; Devils; Blues; Capitals; OIlers; Stars
1244Bruins; Rangers; Maple Leafs; Blackhawks; Flyers
1238Islanders; Hurricanes; Rangers; Oilers; Blues; Ducks
1235Red Wings; Mighty Ducks; Maple Leafs; Blackhawks; Islanders; Devils
1232North Stars; Capitals; Red Wings; Lightning; Panthers
1229*Hurricanes; Sharks; Coyotes; Oilers; Red Wings; Panthers; Blue Jackets
1226Bruins; Islanders
1224*Kings; Blackhawks; Wild; Devils; Bruins; Coyotes; Ducks; Flyers
1224Penguins; Lightning; Maple Leafs; Flames; Hurricanes; Panthers
1222Red Wings; Flyers; Flames; Bruins; Whalers; Coyotes
1219Blackhawks; Maple Leafs
1215Coyotes; Sharks; Stars; Avalanche; Canadiens; Devils
1206Red Wings; Maple Leafs
1205Rangers; Maple Leafs; Bruins
1201Coyotes; Jets; Thrashers; Blues
1200Nordiques; Sharks; Flames; Wild; Avalanche; Maple Leafs; Coyotes
1198*Jets; Coyotes
1196Blackhawks; Canadiens; Lightning
1195Ducks; Blue Jackets; Oilers; Rangers
1195Jets; Whalers; Flyers; Kings; Canucks
1194Devils; Sharks; Rangers; Stars
1191*Panthers; Rangers; Blues; Oilers; Thrashers; Stars
1191Canucks; Blackhawks; Penguins; Lightning; Islanders; Whalers; Red Wings; Blues

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