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He made his MLB debut on May 26 and made seven starts.
He had a 1.91 ERA on June 15, but this swingman posted a 4.89 mark in his last 16 appearances before going on the DL with shoulder soreness.
This outfielder made his MLB debut in April and appeared in eight games, including four as a pinch runner.
He hit 13 home runs in his first 58 games with the Brewers, but none in his last 31.
He had a 3.86 ERA in seven games after joining the Brewers via trade in September.
He led the team with eight hit batsmen despite pitching just 30.2 innings as a Brewer.
He has 68 doubles as a Brewer, but only 18 of them came in 2013.
The youngest 2013 Brewer pitcher.
He led the Brewers with 82 RBI, and also finished third on the team with six triples.
This lefty made two appearances in the opening homestand, then didn't pitch in the majors again.
He made his MLB debut as a pinch hitter on June 15 but his best month was July, when he hit .378/.439/.622 and started nine games in left field.
He led the Brewers with 27 doubles and 24 home runs.
He allowed just one home run in 66.2 IP, including seven starts.
Despite posting a .240 on base percentage, he finished fifth on the team with 409 plate appearances.
Despite missing two full months with a hamstring injury, he finished fourth on the team with 128 innings pitched and 118 strikeouts.
Alphabetically, he's the first of four Brewers to record a save this season.
He made his MLB debut as a starter in April, but posted a 6.44 ERA over six games.
He had 106 career saves as a Brewer, but none of them came in 2013.
He played 42 games at third base, 20 at shortstop, 19 at second base and three in left field.
The shorter of two Brewer pitchers to record ten or more saves in 2013.
The only Brewer to start a game and record a save in 2013.
The 14th Brewer ever to record 28 saves in a season.
He hit his ninth home run on May 22, and finished the season with nine.
This top rookie from 2012 pitched in just eleven games for the 2013 Brewers before breaking his arm in the minors.
He was hit by eleven pitches and tied for the team lead with 80 runs scored.
He led the Brewers with 198.2 innings pitched and 26 home runs allowed.
The younger of two pitchers who tied for the team lead by making 32 starts.
His .601 OPS was the worst by a Brewer OF (min. 100 G) since Chris Magruder in 2005.
He led the Brewers with 173 hits.
Two 2013 Brewers shared a last name. One was a position player, and this one was a pitcher.
He made his MLB debut on Opening Day before getting recalled in July and hitting eleven home runs in his final 41 games.
He made his MLB debut on June 27 and was one of two Brewers to hit a grand slam this season.
He had never made more than 14 appearances in an MLB season before pitching in 71 games as a Brewer.
The oldest 2013 Brewer.
This former Cubs catcher started three games at first base.
Serving as one pitcher's personal catcher, he hit just .134/.205/.209 in his last 28 games
This former minor league closer made his MLB debut on July 26 and pitched in 27 of the Brewers' final 61 games.
His 144 strikeouts were his fewest in an MLB season since 2008.
The youngest 2013 Brewer.
He's the only second baseman in franchise history with seven 10 HR seasons.

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