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The Brewers' Opening Day right fielder.
Set a new career high with 16.2 innings pitched after appearing in seven games in 2010 and nine in 2011.
Was the only lefthanded pitcher to appear in more than 25 games.
Led all Brewer pitchers with 78 relief appearances.
The youngest Brewer.
Made his first major league start on May 29, then made 21 more.
Appeared in 13 September/October games, but only appeared in the field three times.
Made 34 relief appearances, but none after July 7.
Came to the plate 138 times before his first RBI.
Did not allow a home run in his first major league season.
Played 16 games for the Brewers in September/October, including five in center field.
Made three starts as a Brewer, including his major league debut on June 19.
His 5.69 ERA was the worst for any Brewer who pitched more than 40 innings.
Went 3-for-40 as a Brewer, but two of those hits were home runs.
Led all Brewers with 204 innings pitched, 204 strikeouts, 26 home runs allowed and 81 walks.
Made his major league debut on July 26, when he was 29 years and 279 days old.
Hit three home runs in 2012, including two as a pinch hitter.
Made two starts before April 15, and none after.
Led all Brewer pitchers with 35 saves.
The only Brewer starting pitcher to throw 100 innings and walk less than two batters per nine.
The Brewers used 23 pitchers this season, and he finished 23rd among them with 7 innings pitched.
Was limited to 124 innings a year after breaking 200 for the first time.
Aside from Yovani Gallardo, he's the only Brewer whose first name starts with Y.
His seven relief appearances as a Brewer were his first MLB games since 2009.
The only Brewer whose last name starts with 'Mc'
Made 21 starts as a Brewer despite finishing the season as an Angel.
Led all Brewers with 99 starts in right field.
Led the Brewers with 37 stolen bases.
Among relievers with at least 30 appearances, he was the only one to walk less than three batters per nine.
His start on the season's final day was the first of his career.
Led all Brewer shortstops with 16 RBI.
One of two Brewers ever to hit 50 doubles.
The Brewers' only non-pitcher to make over 100 plate appearances with an OBP under .250.
Posted a 3.63 ERA despite walking 5.4 opposing batters per nine innings.
Made seven starts as a Brewer and posted a 3.92 ERA before being shut down.
All four of his RBI came on the Brewers' first grand slam of 2012.
Played 19 games at first base: 18 in April and one in May
Caught Randy Wolf 19 times in 2012.
The oldest Brewer.
Led all Brewers in hits (191), runs (108), home runs (41) and RBI (112).
The Brewers' Opening Day shortstop.
Caught 88 games in 2012, but only caught Randy Wolf one time.
Was the catcher for 19 of Yovani Gallardo's 33 starts.
Made 54 pinch hit appearances to lead all Brewers.
Led all Brewers with 157 games played.
Aside from Ryan Braun, he's the only Brewer whose last name starts with B.

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