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questionanswerextra panel
What is Edward?
What is Jacob?
True or False: Bella is human.
Where is Stephanie Meyer seen in the film?
Whats the second book?
Third one?
Fourth one?
What is the guys name that almost hits Bella with the van?
Whats the guys name that asks Bella to the dance?
#10 Whats the girls name that likes him?
questionanswerextra panel
What sport do you see Bella doing first?
What sport does Bella play with the Cullen's family?
What is the girl vampies name that envys Bella
#13's boyfriend/husband ?
Whats the new vampires name thats new to the Cullen's family?
#15s girlfriend/wife ?
Bellas dads name?
Bellas other friend, that has glasses?
Where does bella move to in the beginning?
BONUS: Team Jacob or Edward?

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