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Starred as Heath Ledger's enemy in 'The Dark Knight'
He played ____'s brother in 'The Fighter'
Who played the police partner of ____ in 'The Other Guys'
Who played the step brother of ____ in 'Step Brothers'
Who played the boyfriend of ____ in 'Cyrus'
Who played the stripper lover of ____ in 'The Wrestler'
Who was assaulted in a farm by ____ in 'Sin City'
Who played a friend of an archer portrayed by ____ in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Who played the husband of ____ in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
Who plays the daughter of ____ in 'Pride & Prejudice'
Who plays ____'s father in 'The Italian Job'
Who plays the wife of ____ in 'Hancock'
Who plays an employee under ____ in 'Horrible Bosses'
Who played the husband of ____ in 'American Beauty'
Whose daughter in 'The Kids Are All Right' was played by ____
Who becomes friends with the Mad Hatter who was played by ____ in 'Alice in Wonderland'
Who kills a judge played by ____ in 'Sweeney Todd'
Who plays a terrorist who tries to kill ____ in 'Die Hard'
Whose daughter in 'Armageddon' ends up marrying ____
Who plays the best friend of ____ in 'Good Will Hunting'
Who plays a rugby captain under South African president ____ in 'Invictus'
Who plays the chauffer of ____'s mother in 'Driving Miss Daisy'
Who plays the brother of ____ in 'The Blues Brothers'
Who parties with Chip Diller also known as ____ in 'Animal House'
Who plays an astronaut under the direction of ____ in 'Apollo 13'
Who is in love with ____ in 'Forrest Gump'
Who falls in love with ____ in 'The Princess Bride'
Who plays the king in 'Ella Enchanted' which starred ____ as Ella
Who has a child with Jack in 'Brokeback Mountain,' who has an intimate relationship with ____

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