Smash Bros. Characters by Moves

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Can you name the Super Smash Bros. character from their special moves?

Updated Feb 28, 2015

How to Play
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Pikmin Pluck/Pikmin Order/Pikmin Throw
Water Shuriken/Shadow Sneak/Hydro Pump
Inhale/Jet Hammer/Waddle Dee Throw
Warlock Punch/Wizard's Foot/Flame Choke
Trick Shot/Clay Shooting/Wild Gunman
Egg Lay/Egg Throw/Egg Roll
Water Gun/Waterfall/Withdraw
Blade Flurry/Chakram/Hero's Spin
PK Flash/PK Thunder/PK Fire
Charge Shot/Screw Attack/Missile
Robo Beam/Gyro/Arm Rotor
Autoreticle/Angelic Missile/Lightweight
Megavitamins/Super Sheet/Dr. Tornado
Inhale/Final Cutter/Stone
Bonus Fruit/Power Pellet/Fire Hydrant
Shield Breaker/Dolphin Slash/Dancing Blade
Thunder Jolt/Quick Attack/Thunder
PK Freeze/PK Thunder/PK Fire
Flare Blade/Double-Edge Dance/Blazer
Laser Blaze/Flame Pillar/Lunar Launch
Hero's Bow/Bomb/Gale Boomerang
Fire Breath/Whirling Fortress/Flying Slam
Monado Arts/Air Slash/Vision
Shot Put/Onslaught/Piston Punch
Ice Shot/Blizzard/Squall Hammer
Silver Bow/Electroshock Arm/Guardian Orbitars
Eruption/Aether/Quick Draw
Palutena's Arrow/Wings of Icarus/Angel Ring
Falcon Punch/Falcon Kick/Raptor Boost
Jolt Haymaker/Rising Uppercut/Slip Counter
Chef/Fire/Oil Panic
Giant Punch/Hand Slap/Head Butt
Shield Breaker/Dolphin Slash/Dancing Blade
Nayru's Love/Farore's Wind/Din's Fire
Sun Salutation/Header/Deep Breathing
Hand Grenade/C4/Remote Controlled Missile
Bullet Seed/Vine Whip/Razor Leaf
Needle Storm/Vanish/Chain
Mach Tornado/Shuttle Loop/Drill Rush
Peanut Popgun/Rocketbarrel Boost/Banana Peel
Blaster/Fire (insert character name)/Reflector
Lloid Rocket/Balloon Trip/Timber
Flamethrower/Fly/Rock Smash
Super Jump Punch/Cyclone/Green Missile
Metal Blade/Rush Coil/Leaf Shield
Homing Attack/Spin Charge/Spin Dash
Star Bits/Gravitational Pull/Launch Star
Clown Cannon/Abandon Ship!/Mechakoopa
Shadow Ball/Confusion/Teleport
Aura Sphere/Double Team/Force Palm

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