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Can you name the companion characters from the 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' series?

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Mercenary, military leaderMandalorian
Bounty hunterWookie
Jedi GuardianCathar
Repair droidAstromech droid
Student, servant, Jedi GuardianEchani
Sith apprentice, Jedi SentinelMiralukan
Assassin droid, protocol droidAssassin droid, protocol droid
Soldier, pilot, admiralHuman (Telosian)
Repair droidAstromech droid
Jedi apprentice, historian, Jedi ConsularHuman
Jedi ConsularHuman
Smuggler, assassin, Jedi SentinelHuman
Infrastructure planning system, combat droid, crime lordCombat droid
Jedi SentinelHuman
Engineer, Jedi GuardianIridonian (Zabrak)
Bounty hunter, Jedi SentinelHuman
Jedi Historian, Sith Lord, Jedi ConsularHuman (possibly Echani)

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