Great Negro Leaguers

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6'4' 140 lb slingshot pitcher
Hall of famer - called his changeup the 'Fo' Day Creepa' 
Monster catcher - over 800 HR
Died right before Jackie broke color barrier 
Went to UCLA
Apr 15, 1947 debut with Brooklyn Dodgers 
The Black Lou Gehrig
Left-handed monster, hit .320 career 
All-around phenomenal player, Cuban
Great pitcher and second baseman 
They thought he'd be the first to break color barrier -OF - played for NYG
99 career HR in majors 
Great story-teller, first baseman
Appeared on Ken Burns' Baseball 
Hit a ton of HR in the majors
755 HR total, but never hit 50 in a season 
Said to be the fastest of all-time
Could score from first on a sac bunt 
Considered greatest CF of all-time
.353 career avg 

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