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Can you name the top 25 grossing bad films ever?

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Starring ActorFilmBox Office in US Millions (Year)
Shia LaBeouf$1,123.2 (2011)
Johnny Depp$1,039.6 (2011)
Shia LaBeouf$836.3 (2009)
John Cusack$769.3 (2009)
Tom Hanks$758.2 (2006)
Kristen Stewart$709.7 (2009)
Will Smith$624.4 (2008)
Kristen Stewart$587.9 (2011*)
Bradley Cooper$581.5 (2011)
Neil Patrick Harris$561.5 (2011)
Bruce Willis$553.7 (1998)
Owen Wilson$551.8 (2011)
Ben Stiller$516.6 (2004)
Sam Worthington$493.2 (2010)
Tom Hanks$485.9 (2009)
Nicolas Cage$457.7 (2007)
Ben Affleck$449.2 (2001)
Justin Long$443.1 (2009)
Will Smith$441.8 (2002)
Keanu Reeves$427.3 (2003)
Kevin Costner$410.9 (1992)
Brendan Fraser$401.1 (2008)
Matthew Broderick$379.0 (1998)
Hugh Jackman$373.1 (2009)
Christian Bale$371.4 (2009)

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