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Can you name the movie titles by their subtitles?

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1995: Junior In Love
2009: Wolverine
1988: The Main Course
1987: The Revenge
1993: Back in the Habit
2006: A Tale of Two Kitties
1998: Insurrection
1996And the King of Thieves
1991: Look Who's Stalking
2005: State of the Union
2004: The Edge of Reason
1982: Season of the Witch
2011: Ghost Protocol
2009: Salvation
2007: Requiem
2002: Attack of the Clones
1998: Golden Receiver
1998: Pig in the City
2010: Legacy
2004: Invasion of the Tinysauruses
2008: The Dead Code
2003: The Return of the King
1993: Mask of the Phantasm
2005: Destination London

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